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Monday, October 11, 2010

Monica Comes to Campus

I wish I had more time to blog. Unfortunately I just don't have time to do anything. My life has been so hectic this past week that I have had two different people tell me they think I'm going "Batshit Crazy" based on two separate incidents for completely different reasons. So that's nothing to worry about right?

Anyway, I won't blog your ear off anymore about (possibly) being a wack-job.

I had the pleasure of enjoying the wonderful company of my youngest sister Monica on campus this past weekend. She's fourteen, so naturally in our hyper-competitive and overly concerned with personal success narratives societies, it is now appropriate for her to start her college search, as a newly minted freshman in high school. And therefore, it was only appropriate that I, as a protective and awesome older sister, do her the honor of giving her an (un)official first tour of a college campus. Disclaimer: I did not take her to any parties, so if you are hoping to read about the debaucheries of a naive young girl in college for the first time A LA "Animal House" meets "Gilmore Girls" you should just stop reading now. I'm not that cool of a big sister.

Here's some great shots of Monica walking around campus like she owns the place and being awesome. Maybe we even have a future Buckeye? (hint hint nudge nudge)

We started out on College Road and walked to the East side of the Oval and then down to the Library. Here's a picture of Monica on the Oval. Orton Hall is in the background and we heard the bells chime.
Here we see Monica rubbing the head of William Oxley Thompson in the Thompson library for good luck. Then we went upstairs to the 11th floor of the library and gave her the full aerial view of campus. If you haven't been, I completely recommend it, it's impressive.

From the library we walked to Mirror Lake where we sat for a while and watched ducks swim. The weather was surprisingly perfect for an October Friday.

Then I took Monica to one of my favorite spots, the Browning Amphitheater, which I like because it is always private and very few people know I like to go there to relax and get away from everyone.

Oh wait....
We walked through the brand new Ohio Union and checked out all of the cool rooms and showed off the Student Organizations section a little bit. Here's Monica and I in the Union with Brutus. Guess how many people asked if we were twins? Too many for a 6 year age difference.
And what better way to end a tour of campus than Monica with her Canes chicken fingers. The quintessential food experience for all college students. Nothing goes with college visits like friend food and Cane's special sauce.

Then we got Red Mango frozen yogurt and went back to the dorm to watch Glee with my AHD and a few other RA's in Taylor. One of the RA's said that Monica was way cooler than I am. Another invited her to Glee night and then disinvited me, and a third noted how much more attractive she was than I am. I'd say it was an all around great visit.

Except seriously, it was really fun. I never get the opportunity to have family/anyone blindly follow me around and tell them to do cool things that are probably not that cool in the scheme of things, so that was pretty awesome. Unfortunately I only have 2 sisters and now I've given them both college tours so I'm rendered practically useless from now on. Then again, I do have 5 cousins yet to come visit campus (hint hint nudge nudge).

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