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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 18: Film that is your guilty pleasure

This movie is honestly just a movie for preteen girls and collegiate girls who don't want to leave their high school friends behind forever, not that I would ever know what that was like...

But I do think this is a very interesting film.  For one, it deals with a lot of mature issues for a flim that was marketed to 12 year olds.  Love, Loss, Sexuality and the Divine aren't really the themes I usually catch in my viewings of Lizzie Maguire, again, not that I would have watched that either...

What I will say is that this film can really only appeal to women.  Granted women of all ages, and I would highly recommend that mother's and daughters watch it together, but let Dad off the hook.  He won't like it, and would probably rather be spending that time playing online poker anyway.

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