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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 17: Least favorite book adaptation

Remember how in my last post I talked about how many bad book adaptations there are in the world of film?  This is one of them.

Ella Enchanted.

The book is a young adult novel, based around the cute concept of the idea that the protagonist maiden is cursed in that she must always follow all orders or she will die.  It's not War and Peace but it aint terrible.  It certainly is well thought out in the conventions it creates for itself, and is an interesting intellectual exercise in following orders.

The movie is nothing like that.  The only thing that is the same from the book is the curse of the young girl, but everything else is entirely changed, and in what I would argue is arbitrarily.  For one, Ella runs away from home and meets an elf.  Elves are not in the book at all.  And then there are two random musical numbers just so Anne Hathaway can sing some bad pop songs that don't even work in the conventional world of the musical, let alone a movie that isn't a musical.

And it is campy.  SO campy.  Don't go see it.  I won't even dignify this film by finding a poster for it.  It's that bad.

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