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Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 6 - Favorite Horror

I should say I lacked a certain appreciation for horror movies for about the first 19 years of my life.  Probably because I grew up on musicals, and those are horrifying enough in their own right.  Also because my parent's never introduced me to the slasher genre.

But this past spring I took an amazing class called Women in Serial Killer Films and practically fell in love.  Albeit that I watched the best of the genre and left the dregs for the Netflix Instant Play, but the films were so much better than I thought they would be.  Very intelligent, and actually some are very feminist.  And my favorite? 1990's classic: Scream. 

This movie is great because it is really the first post-modern horror film, drawing on Halloween, Frankenstein, Psycho and so many other classics for the making.  And the film isn't just an illusion to the most famous slasher movies ever made, it is based around the idea of a stereotypical scary movie, except that everyone knows it.  It's the most obvious meta film that I can think of, and not even in an unappealing and abusive way.

Totally Feminist, Totally Scary, and Totally Amazing.

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