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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 15: Favorite Play Adaptation

This is a hell of a category, because I love plays, and because I think other than book adaptations, play's work the best as far as translation into film genre goes.  Way better than Musical's, that is for sure.  
And who wrote more plays than any other to ever be adapted into film?  Why William Shakespeare of course.  Shakespeare's works have been adapted so many different and captivating ways into film that it is impossible to even name all of the different films done.  But my absolute version of any Shakespeare play, or any play for that matter, adapted into film is Scotland P. A.

It is your typical adaptation of Macbeth, in the setting of a fast food burger joint in the 1970's when the invention of the drive through was just being pioneered.  

Sounds weird right?  It's way weirder than you think it is.  But also way more awesome.  

The witches are drugged out hippies induced by marijuana hallucinations.  The old King Duncan is murdered by being fried to death in the french fry oil.  Macbeth's secret ambition is to own the fast food joint, and Macduff's is to run a veggie stand.  And Lady Macbeth does by going insane and cutting off her hand with a meat cleaver.  

It's probably the greatest Shakespearian adaptation ever made.  That's right, you heard me Laurence Olivier!

Shakespeare lover's and hater's all should watch it.  

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