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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Years Resolutions Check In

My apologies that I haven't posted yet this week, but it's a really rough week for me personally. 30 Rock is ending on Thursday night, and there was a serious tragedy on Downton Abbey on Monday. Alexa and I wept over the phone to each other on Sunday night, and even Mom had sad eyes, so you know I am no kidding when I say it was miserable. I'm still very upset and very fragile, and this is why I haven't written a post in a few days.

But I will try to muddle through the pain and do a New Year's Resolutions check in. Given that January is over in a few days, it seems like I should assess how well I've actually done on these resolutions. Here's a refresher of what I said I would be doing:

New Year's Resolutions:

1. Read a new book at least every month

2. Write at least one blog post a week of any length / Write in journal twice a week

3. Dress Well Everyday

4. Focus on self-improvement through all facets of life

5. Watch Downton Abbey Every Sunday at 9 PM forever 

 Let's go item by item: 

1. Technically it hasn't been an entire month yet, and so I still have time to finish this one. I started to read Musicophilia and got about 30 pages into it, but then I lost interest and gave up. The problem with Musicophilia is not that it's not very interesting, but that I don't understand neuroscience, hence it is not very interesting to me. I seriously recommend it to all neuroscience and music enthusiasts. Although this category isn't a total loss, because I have been reading The Hobbit, which I have admittedly read before, but only once, and that was in the 6th grade, so I barely remember it, and it practically counts as a new book that way. I just finished "Riddles in the Dark," and while I'm gaining some understanding the complexities of this novel, I'm rapidly losing appreciation for the first installment of the film trilogy, which is kind of a bummer. I understand why Peter Jackson is rebooting it into three films (he has run out of movies to make that have giant apes in them, and is worried about having enough savings for retirement), but I'm not exactly cool with the vast changes to the tone of the novel. I sometimes wish you didn't have to choose between a good movie and a good adaptation, but this is the Sophie's Choice we all live with. 

2. So far so good on this account. I've been blogging semi-regularly, to the delight of the 10 people who read this that aren't part of my immediate family, or my Grandparents in Florida (shout out! I love you). I could probably journal more, but since that doesn't matter to all 16 of you guys, it's really none of your business anyway.   

3. In fact, I have been dressing well recently. Today I'm wearing an orange J Crew cardigan with pants that are actually tailored well, and boots with heels (what the What??) so the hems don't drag on the floor. I haven't yet progressed to wearing make-up to work, but as my Father and I agreed yesterday on our way back from the mall, vanity is too time consuming for us. And we prefer marshmallows in our hot chocolate rather than clouds in coffee. Although I never say no to a good creamer.  

4. This is pretty hard to quantify, since there are so many facets of life with which I could improve. For example, I have in fact been to the gym twice a week since the beginning of the New Year, and have even been eating healthier, and restricting my donut intake strictly to the weekends. However, I haven't made the slightest attempt to improve my non-existent cartography skills. Doubt I'll be sailing to Asia anytime soon.  

5. This is the only category I've succeeded in 100%. What does that say about my life and choices? Probably that I need to look at them.  

Final Tally: Resolutions -1.5 / Jaclyn - 3.5. Take that Naysayers!   In conclusion, I urge everyone to watch the 30 Rock Finale on Thursday at 8 PM EST, and to write Julian Fellowes some hate mail.

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