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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Morning Stakeout

Happy Saturday Readers!

I've been receiving some complaints that my blog is too focused on movie opinions that only Andy cares about. That's probably true. So in order to cater to a wider audience, this morning's post will be "more accessible." Of course, I will be writing about Donuts. (Get what I did with the use of 'wider' there?) 

This post is coming to you from Russell's Point, OH (AKA The R.P.) where I've spent this lovely morning eating donuts from the Donut Shop and watching Hot Fuzz. 

To begin: I wholeheartedly recommend the Donut Shop to everyone. You may have previously only known it as the Donut Shop that was once closed due to a marijuana problem, but now it is re-opened and (probably) drug free. It's located on historic Indian Lake, where you can find it by the giant Donut they have on the sign outside. In the summer, you can dock your boat right next to it, and then take your delicious fried dough out on the water and enjoy it with a nice cold beverage. 

However this morning, I'm enjoying my donuts with a delicious brewed fresh hot coffee. As per my new rule, if I don't eat any donuts on the weekdays, I can have as many donuts as I want on the weekends. BUT if I do eat a donut on a weekday, I'm not allowed to have ANY donuts on the weekends. This is to stop me from eating Tim Bits at work all the time. 

Luckily, I exercised enough restraint this week to earn myself 2.5 delicious doughy circles. This morning I had a half of a strawberry cake doughnut, which was fresh and sweet,  a classic sour cream "cruller" which is always a personal favorite, and the cream cheese donut. This is an invention of the Donut Shop which I have yet to see anywhere else. It is your typical yeast doughnut: chewy, sweet, doughy, and the like. EXCEPT that then it is filled with cream cheese pastry cream like a cheese danish. Essentially it is the ultimate Jewish donut. And when we found each other over a year ago, my heart and my taste buds sang a duet sweeter than Barbra Streisand and Michael Crawford sing "Music of the Night." 

Also a good choice at the Donut Shop, Alex's favorite Apple Fritter. Crunchy and sweet on the outside,   dense and fleshy on the inside, with the perfect balance of apple and yeast flavors. I wholeheartedly endorse the raspberry jelly donuts as well, which they make iced or with powdered sugar. We had them during Hanukkah as Sufganiyot, and they were a great success. 

And to accompany the donuts, we've watched Hot Fuzz, and have now moved on to Twin Peaks, where there Sheriff and Kyle Maclachlan are eating donuts too. Because nothing goes better with cops than donuts. 

If you've never seen Hot Fuzz, I totally recommend it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are funnier than in Shaun of the Dead, and just as many hilarious British people are in it, including Professor Slughorn, Filch the Caretaker, Bilbo Baggins, and Davy Jones. It's a plethora of recognizable faces that American's will only know as characters, but that's not the point. 

It also contains this fabulous gem of a line:

"It's alright Andy! It's just Polonaise!" 

I won't make any recommendations about Twin Peaks because I'm only on episode two, and it's David Lynch, so I know it's gonna get weirder. But so far, it's great. Please no spoilers in the comments. 

And on that note, Toodles. 

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