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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 8: Favorite thriller

Thriller's are great because they are like the blood rush of the horror film but the intellectual equivalent of a crime film with more car chases.  And arguably the best made Thriller film to come out in recent years has been Inception.

Inception is great because on the surface, it is an exciting movie that blows your mind away.  But Director Chris Nolan did such amazing work with the editing and sound that the movie is actually a meta-movie.  Take for instance the loud THWOMS in the soundtrack.  At first they are just stereotypical ominous Thriller music, but they are in reality, a massive slowed down version of the Edith Piaf song that is used to wake up the characters from the dream.  Which is a fantastic use of sound, because it corresponds diegetically to the theory that time is slower in the dream world the more levels down you go, as well as non-diegetically to a typical soundtrack.

Same sort of theory works for the cut edits in the film: ergo they are perfect for conveying that feeling of being in a dream and not knowing how you got there.  The audience is used to this type of film edit, so when Ariadne experiences that trauma in a lack of understanding, the audience does for the first time too. Both parties have been duped by dream/film convention.  Now THAT is some good filmmaking.

And to think, Chris Nolan couldn't get an Academy Award nomination in directing to save his life.  DAMN YOU DAVID LYNCH!

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