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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 14: Favorite documentary

I don't really love Documentaries as a genre.  To me, film is a medium of art form meant as a means of expression, and while I'm absolutely not suggesting that every single Documentary is without worthwhile stylistic choices, I'm just saying, most are.  So for me to really like a documentary I have to be basically engrossed in the subject matter of it.  Which is not an easy feat, by any means for any film, let alone one that is unconventional in its very form.

So this past year for some reason or another, my mother watched Inside Job.  And became absolutely obsessed with it.  She literally begged us to watch it, and at one point really refused to talk about anything else than this film.  Eventually I of course became fed up with this and decided to go ahead and humor her by viewing it.  And it wasn't half bad.  Some may even say I found it interesting and enjoyable.

This was almost good enough for my mother, but I think she was secretly disappointed that I wasn't outraged at the hypocrisy and deceit in our financial institutions and called to arms in an effort to dismantle capitalism.  Truthfully, I was just outraged that Morgan Freeman wasn't available to narrate.

But nonetheless, it is a truly interesting story of corruption and greed.  I do recommend that everyone watch it at least once, because we all deserve to experience the unbiased liberal slant the film wants to see.  And because it is probably the best documentary I've ever seen.

And then we can all watch Wall Street because that movie is awesomer.

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