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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 12: Favorite Love Story

Nobody likes a love story where Boy meets Girl and then everything goes absolutely perfect from there on out.  In fact just merely thinking about it makes me want to gag.  People who like that kind of stuff can just go find their soulmate and watch some stupid Katherine Heigl movie until they eventually turn into gender stereotypes themselves.

When I wanna watch a love story, I wanna watch people that are so hopelessly perfect for each other manage to screw it up time after time until finally they get it right.  Sometimes they don't even get together, but that's okay too.  The story of a Love Story is in the journey, not the ending.

And my favorite is the classic story of people who just belong together, When Harry Met Sally.

Let the official count show that this is the second Rob Reiner film I've picked thus far in the countdown.  That makes it a tie between him and Robert Zemeckis for the most directorial picks.  I'm hoping they settle it by remaking each other's best films their own way in a cinematic Throwdown a la Bobby Flay, and the late Francis Ford Coppola gets to be the guest judge.  That would be so awesome.

But anyway, When Harry Met Sally.  Talk about film chemistry that only comes along once in a blue moon of filmmaking.  Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are like the Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman of the 20th century, except more realistic and less attractive.  But for this movie, their incessant banter is practically charming in the way it gets under your skin.  The audience wants to see them get together so bad it literally makes them cringe.  The perfect romance.

Carrie Fischer is great in her supporting role and the music of Harry Connick Jr. practically precedes this film in terms of iconography.  Such a good movie for any date night.

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