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Friday, January 28, 2011

Zen Cha Tea Salon

This blog is rapidly only becoming about places I eat. Which is perfectly fine, because I love to eat and I love to blog, but my wallet is getting annoyed with me. All readers wishing to make a contribution to the "Keep Jaclyn Blogging About Food Fund" (KJBAFF) need only contact me to make a donation. All forms of cash, credit, checks, gift cards, tradable goods, bridal dowries and coffee dates will be accepted.

So this is a bit of a late post, but too good of a place to miss. And while technically Zen Cha Tea Salon in the Short North District doesn't exactly qualify for the Coffee Tour of Columbus, it can go in the Honorable Mention Tea House Category with an award for one of my favorite places ever. It is the perfect place to bring some reading, order a pot of tea, and sit for hours.

Most excellent part of the menu at Zen Cha? Tea selection. I challenge anyone who goes there to not find at least 5 teas they want to try, hence the reason for return trips. Zen Cha must have over 100 teas on their menu, and I've yet to find one that I didn't absolutely love!!! My personal favorite is the Chai tea selections, pictured below. I've had Hazelnut, Coconut and Almond. All smooth, creamy, and sweet. An excellent choice for any rainy day tea. Hot Chai will warm your socks and warm your soul.

Another honorable mention goes to the Spring Tea selections, pictured below. A naturally sweet tea, usually with fruity tones. Delicious Hot or Iced.

But what really gives Zen Cha the edge over other tea salons? Their food menu. A little pricey, but not out of the question. Also, the menu changes with the seasons. For help pairing food with tea, just as your server. I've never been steered in a bad direction. Not to be missed is Edamame. Perfect for a light snack with a tea.

For a lunch option rather than a snack, go with any of their salads or soups. My personal favorite is the Coconut Lemongrass Noodles, with honorable mention to the Dumplings.

Thai Rice Salad. With Peanut Sauce. Delish.

We are some happy campers.

And here are some weird shots of Zoara.

Love her.


  1. i love zencha.
    i'm also excited to go to the cambridge tea house tomorrow.
    maybe i can make a cameo appearance on your blog as guest photographer?

  2. watch out, your father finally took the time to show me how to comment. it took a trip to africa to do this. so now you will find an occasional comment from 2 old folks who show an occasional interest. i will only say that jewish tea is always the best.