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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Noted Observations and Unreal Photography

10 Observations Noted:

1) Bermuda is possibly the best place on earth to sit and do as little as possible. Thus far, I'm halfway through reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I've tanned at least a slight shade darker.
2) Bermuda has the bluest water and the bluest sky I think I've ever seen. And pink beaches unlike anywhere else in the world. It's terribly picturesque.

3) Tiki huts in the United States are cool, but in Bermuda, they are cool. And they serve you booze on the beach.
4)Bermuda has lots to do when doing nothing. For example, watching a speedboat race around the island from the beach.

5) And it you get sick of one beach there is always another one to go to, which is just as beautiful as the one before it.

6) Boating in Bermuda is WAY fun. Probably because the water is so blue, but also because boats here are cool.

7) Bermuda has lots of chickens.

8) Bermuda also has lots of pretty flowers, which are infinitely better looking than the chickens.

9) Bermuda has some cool looking birds, and some weird looking lizards too.

10) Tree frogs are pretty gross, but getting pictures of them is pretty awesome.

As a reference point, the average tree frog is about the size of a human thumbnail, and basically invisible against a brown tree in the middle of the night.

However, with persistence and an excellent camera caddy (myself) Dad managed to get around 20 shots of the little buggers and three practically award winning photographs. Eat your heart out Elle MuleBomb.
Close-up Shot! You can't even see them this well in person. How cool is that?

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