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Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 1 of the Rest of Your Life

Yesterday I graduated from College.  Four years of college, and two Bachelor's of Arts Degrees has led me to today.  So here come the ramblings of a pseudo-unemployed ex-collegiate.

My first task as an ex-collegiate was to attempt to make eggs for breakfast.  But then I had no eggs.  I found egg-whites in the refrigerator, and attempted to cook with those, but I kid you not, they exploded in the skillet. Correct me if I'm wrong, but egg's should not do this.  And when I say exploded, these literally bubbled up like they were possessed by Satan.  One second, a soupy liquid, the next, foam erupting from a skillet cauldron as if it were an extra in Act IV of Macbeth. Needless to say, I did not eat said eggs.

So then I ate a half of a pecan roll and coffee. An excellent beginning to my healthy habits summer.

Sidebar: I'm attempting a healthy habits summer because now that I am officially no longer a college student, there's no reason to have college weight. Here's what I ate today:

1/2 of a pecan roll and coffee
1/2 of a Thai Chicken Pizza on wheat crust
Panera Asian sesame salad
1/2 of a Sierra Turkey Sandwich
Baguette Side
1/2 of a Chocolate Chip Cookie

And now, I'm sitting on the couch hoping I don't throw up from all the carbs and sweets I've consumed. Better luck tomorrow I guess.

I went to my internship this morning and printed attendance sheets for two hours, and then I did data entry for an hour. Then I went home and applied for a job and answered emails. So not a total waste of a day, although not very exciting either.

Other exciting events of the day involved watching the 2nd greatest Disney Live Action Musical EVER: Newsies.  I sang along to ever word, and recited most of the dialogue too.  Just ask Andy.

Tonight, I'm gonna clean my room and watch The IT Crowd.

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