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Monday, July 5, 2010

First Impressions

Day 1:

Greenwich is absolutely beautiful. The whole of campus looks like a cross between classical greek architecture and a traditional English castle. I'm absolutely in love with the dome on this particular building, King William's Court (which conveniently there's a picture of on the right) which has a beautiful clock at the top of it, which is so perfect, because as "Mary Poppins" tells us, "They say the whole world takes its time from Greenwich, but Greenwich they say takes its time from Admiral Boone." The symbolism is perfect I can't even stand it.

I had breakfast at this wonderful little cafe called Rhodes. Decided to do London up right with a scone and an English Breakfast tea. I probably can't adequately describe how much I enjoyed this scone/tea combo. In part because it was super delicious, but also in part because I've wanted to eat tea and scones in England since I was about 6 years old. And finally doing it made it feel like a dream true. A delicious and filling dream come true.

After registering for classes we toured campus a bit, and saw the Painted Hall. My words could never do it justice so I won't even try.

The artist depicted in his own work (above)

King George III (Happy July 4th America!)

Even the frame is painted on the wall.

After the tour we discussed two poems as an introduction to London. The first was Composed Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth, and the second was The London Eye by Patience Agbabi. In a way, both poems were about perspective. Wordsworth emphasized the perspective of the solitary person observing the city as the sun is rising and London is still asleep. He notices the beauty in the calm of the atmosphere around him, particularly the lack of people and industry that isn't present in his morning scene. Agbabi is writing about a more modern setting. Her piece focuses on London in one of its most touristy spots when the most possible people would be present. I think Agbabi appreciates the "hustle and bustle" more than Worsdworth does, but I have to tend to agree with WW. I like the calm.


  1. Glad you've settled in your blog is wonderful! I really enjoyed your pictures. I will NEVER play that card game with you though don't even bring it up.
    Love DAD

  2. I agree with your father, I will never ever play that game but I loved your detailed account of your detainment in Newark. I love you and have a fantastic time!!! :)