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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strike a Pose

Meshuganotes Scavenger Hunt.

This past Saturday, Shugs took over the city of Columbus, taking pictures and causing mayhem. We split up the group into 4 cars and then set loose for 4 hours in and around campus, downtown, German Village, and everywhere else. Personally, I would like to recommend the Digital Picture Scavenger Hunt for all of your group activity needs. To put it colloquially, it's super fun. Here's some greatest hits.

Take a Picture with the Clipper's Statue.

Take a Picture Singing on a Street Corner

Take a Picture with the Wire Tree at COSI

Take a Picture with a Man with a Mustache :)

Take a Picture Eating a Donut!!

Take a Picture in Room 16 of the Book Loft.

Take a Picture Eating a Katzinger's Pickle

Take a Picture at the Capitol

Take a Picture with a Theatre Marquis

Take a Picture of the Whole Car Doing Something Weird

Super Win.

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