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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wafels and Dinges

Trying to blog about where we ate in NYC is literally too much material to put in just one post, so I'm separating them out into separate ones in order to give credit where credit is due.

And credit is definitely due to the Waffle Truck.

Wafels and Dinges is a mobile waffle cart, with 3 carts and a truck that traverse the streets of NYC and dispense happiness in a waffle to New Yorkers and tourists alike.

It has been my dream to eat at said Waffle Truck ever since they kicked the crap out of Bobby Flay in a Throwdown. Finding them in Central Park was a dream come true.

For people who are ignorant of the Waffle Truck and all of its glory (not an exaggeration) I highly recommend watching the "Throwdown" between Wafels and Dinges and Bobby Flay on the FoodNetwork.

The Throwdown between Bobby and the Waffle Truck is actually my favorite Throwdown episode. For those who don't know what Throwdown is, for the love of God you need to be watching more Food Network. I'll recap for those who are woefully ignorant. Bobby Flay challenges people to Throwdowns, where they cook some sort of food specialty they are famous for and he tries to cook one better. If you don't know who Bobby Flay is, you should just stop reading, because I don't even want you people on my blog.

Anyway, in the Wafels and Dinges episode, Bobby tries to beat the Waffle Truck with one of his waffles, which I'm sure were tasty, but proved no match to the traditional "liege" Belgium goodness with spekuloos spread. Pictured below is deThrowdownWafel in all of its majesty.

And after eating one, it is easy to understand why. These waffles are heaven. Absolute Heaven. After finishing my waffle and literally scraping the remainder of it from my cardboard plate, I immediately wanted to have a second. I probably should have, because now all I can dream about is the Waffle Truck.
I've practically begged the Waffle Truck to road trip to Ohio, but since they commute from Belgium everyday, they have kindly declined. In lieu of this, I highly recommend that everyone visiting NYC makes a pit stop at Wafels and Dinges. I promise you won't be sorry.

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