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Monday, April 4, 2011

Adventures at the Met

That's right, New York pictures are (finally) up! I'm segmenting them because it is easier to download the photos on to the blog if they are in different posts and because then I feel like my ramblings are more contained.

For one afternoon, Monica and Alexa insisted that they partake in a bussed tour around the city to the various places where the television show "Gossip Girl" is filmed on location. Luckily, I insisted that I be privy to what I might pretentiously call more artistic entertainment. Hence, an afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here are Dad and I in front of the Museum.
Interestingly enough, Monica was kind enough to inform us that apparently the steps of the Met. are a very prominent location in the Gossip Girl show anyway, as the girls eat breakfast there every morning, so unbeknownst to us, we had all sort of chosen Gossip Girl things to do this fine day. Granted mine was more Van Gogh and theirs was more Van der Woodsen, but who am I to cast judgement really?

Here is Monica getting ready to depart on her Gossip Girl tour from the Palace.

And here are Dad and I taking the obligatory Gossip Girl "Steps of the Met" picture. Apparently, the higher up you are allowed to sit, the more important you are at the boarding school they go to. In this case, I am more important than Dad.

But more important in my mind anyway in the artwork. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a gorgeous white building with a plethora of different art inside. Here are some greatest hits:

The Met had a special Guitar Heroes exhibit featuring the craftsmanship of Italian guitar makes. Pictures weren't allowed, but my Dad took this quick shot of a guitar that was made specifically for Paul Simon.
My favorite artwork at the Met was definitely the Impressionism and Post Impressionism pieces. Here is a Degas Ballerina Statue. Coincidentally, this is the same pose of a Degas Ballerina statue that sits in the foyer of Les Wexner's house. I've seen it. Except, Les' version is bigger.

To accompany the statue, there were a slew of the Ballerina paintings, but I've just provided my all time favorite, which is "The Rehearsal on Stage"

To follow Degas we have Van Gogh. Below is one my personal favorites, "Irises."

And here is one of Dad's favorites, "Cornfield with Cypresses." The brush strokes in person are just amazing.
Then we saw some Monet pieces, including one of my all time favorites, "House of Parliament." I loved the way this piece was framed also.

There were tons more Impressionism pieces, but that would be much too long of a blog post. In the more modern section we saw one of my favorite pieces, "I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold (Homage to William Carlos Williams)" by Charles Demuth. The painting is based on the poem by William Carlos Williams called "The Great Figure." Look it up, it is an awesome poem. Also, it is National Poetry Month, so it is incredibly appropriate.

For anyone in New York City, I highly recommend a stop at the Met. There is a little bit of art for everyone's tastes, and if nothing else, it is always a way to seem more cultured than you were before.

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