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Friday, June 10, 2011

Alexa's Graduation

That's right folks, contrary to all popular beliefs, Alexa actually managed to graduate from high school. And believe me, we were all as shocked as you are.

It's not very good blogging, but I really can't help myself from kvelling a little bit about my adorable sister. She was absolutely the best looking graduate up there (good genes) and she had the best walk. And she got a hug from the former principal because she is his favorite. Because she is everyone's favorite. Take that losers!

But seriously, super Congrats to the Ohio State Buckeye Bound 2011 Graduate! The whole family is super super proud of you!

Pretty much the best looking sisters ever. JAM.

National Honors Society and Cum Laude Graduate. Beauty and Brains? Only in Alexa.

Grad Party Pics! The whole gang is back together. Plus Monica.

Not exactly Charm City, but still pretty damn delish.

Oh hey leftover Mexican food for three weeks. What's cooking?

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