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Friday, June 10, 2011

The End of Junior Year

Well due to some sort of miracle I actually finished my finals, and I'm literally in the process of checking out the last of my residents from the dorm. Goodbye dorm, Goodbye residents, Goodbye Junior year of Undergrad.

I've yet to start packing up my room, because it is honestly a piece of wall art. And I just can't bring myself to do it. Also, I'm pretty lazy, so that doesn't help either. But before I start dismantling, I want the world to see the finished product.

Do I have enough stuff on the walls yet?

Art Wall :D
What am I gonna do with all of these posters?

At least there's a Millionaire Matchmaker Marathon on Bravo so I have entertainment while I clean. Because Patti Stanger completes me. She makes me so glad that I already have the best boyfriend in the world :)

Speaking of, my University Housing Contract expires on Sunday, and after that I will be officially blogging about the adventures of Jaclyn and her boyfriend who she can't talk about for two more days for legal purposes :) Cliffhanger!

Anyway, get ready for a summer of blog posts about food, fun, and being currently unemployed.

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