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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The End Is Just the Beginning

RA Training: Check
Room Decorated: Check
Housewarming Event: Check
Yom Kippur: Check
Move-In Day: Check
Floor Meetings: Check
Taylor Tower of Toppings: Check
President Gee in the Lobby of Taylor: Check
Weeds Season 1: Check

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn Quarter.

It has been a crazy day. Well, it has been a crazy two weeks. Actually, it has been a crazy summer. I mean let's just be serious for a second, my life is basically an insane crazy mess. But hopefully it will get less insane. I mean, I'm not gonna hold my breath over it or anything, but it is a possibility. A slim one, but a possibility nonetheless.

I'm pretty jazzed for this quarter to start though, not gonna lie. This is my (not so inner) nerd coming out, but I've got all of my school supplies color coordinated by class and my schedule is printed and my planner is getting full and I am really just excited to get back to learning stuff. My schedule this quarter is AMAAAAAAAZING!!! I'm taking Shakespeare, Writing Poetry, Women's Studies in Film, and Film Studies. This is Film Studies 270 with THE S.O.S. (Not a Distress Call, his initials), who totally rules. I'll put it in to perspective for you, my assignment for the first class is to see "Inception."

Needless to say, jazzed is an understatement. I'm actually leaping out of my skin in anticipation.

If you will be at the Student Involvement Fair tomorrow, pop by Special Interests and say Hi to the Meshuganotes Table. It's the kind of thing that I would enjoy. Student Involvement, Meshuganotes, Candy, and Obligations.

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