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Monday, September 6, 2010

You've Got a Friend in Taylor

This is my first blog post as an official 20 year old, so I naturally assume that it will be leaps and bounds more sophisticated than all of my previous blog posts from my teenage years. I hope you don't find this transition confusing, but everyone knows there is no greater adjustment in life than that of a 19 year old to a 20 year old.

Today I packed. And packed. And packed. And while packing I watched the end of The Tudors season 2 (Anne Boleyn gets beheaded??? Shocked.) and My Name is Earl Season 2 (Guilty Pleasure for an NBC junkie).

I just reread that sentence and I'm beginning to think that Netflix Play Now TV is ruining my life.

I officially moved out of P-town and into the glorious Taylor Tower around 4, which involved two trips with my car Kenneth and a separate trip with Mom's giant white tank to bring the futon and TV. And I must say, it feels so good to be home.

RA training starts tomorrow, which is awesome, because it is totally revamped and completely different from last year, which is great (no offense to TURDS [The University Residency and Dining Services - AKA the group that signs my checks]). I'll have more updates on training as it takes place, mostly on the parts of it that are funny and/or boring.

My room is AMAAAAAZINNNG. The only thing that is missing is the wonderful Lexi who inhabited it last year, and I miss dearly. I'll post pictures of it once I get the decorations up, because right now there is a lot of blank wall space, and I can't condone putting that kind of lameness on the blog.

This was a pretty short post, and I'm anticipating that I'll be pretty busy during training so I might not be posting that frequently, which probably will also apply to when school starts up again in two weeks, but I'm thinking the posts will be Quality over Quantity from now on. For now, I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day, and I can't wait to get back to work!!!

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