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Monday, March 14, 2011

1 Down, 4 to Go

So, I just got out of my English 553 final and now I'm in the basement of Denney Hall trying to recooperate by doing some mindless internet surfing. This isn't helped however by the fac that it is the Monday of finals week, so every freaking humanities major in probably the entire university is down here, and now I have to sit at a cubicle that isn't my normal cubicle. Listen other people, I'm in this computer lab atleast twice a week if not sometimes every day, so I should receive special consideration in using the computer with the two screen that is next to the wall, facing the door, but still within view of the printer. is that too much to ask? No. Because that cubicle and I have a bond, and I know exactly how I like to layout my desktop over there, and now I'm at a single monitor station with way less desk room so I have to put my folders on top of each other and my calendar in front of me on my lap and I don't like it. It is unacceptable. Also, I have to turn my head a full 90 degrees to the right in order to see the printer, and since I'm not hidden near the wall, every single person who walks in this lab makes eye contact with me because I am in that chair, and it is awkward whenever someone walks in who I don't know because then I'm looking at them, but it is also awkward whenever someone walks in who I do know because then I have to make awkward side chatter and pretend like I want to be talking to them even though I'm here in the computer lab trying to work on papers that I have due consecutively over the next three days. And since this is the English building, my odds for knowing or not knowing the person walking in are about 50/50.

So I just finished my first final, which went ok, and now I have 2 more papers to finished writing and edit, then one more paper to start completely and one more final. I can do this right?

I'm going home to get my laptop and then go to Buckeye Donuts where there is free wifi and coffee refills for only 60 cents.

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