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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine

I just wanted to pop in for a second to let people know that it is finals week, and I've been super busy, and I don't plan on being un-busy until Spring Break, which is 10 days from now.

The only thing separating me from glorious sleep, home cooked meals and a weekend excursion to NYC is:

A 2500 word paper on Big Fish
5-7 pages written on Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth
3-5 pages comparing and contrasting the female action hero in Silence of the Lambs and Aliens
1 Writing Portfolio
2 Final Exams
2 Mandatory Staff Meetings
70 Handmade Door Decorations
2 April Bulletin Boards
20 Room Check Out Procedure Walk Through

That being said, I'm focusing on my actions and thoughts positively and to combat this, I've given up on drinking solely coffee, and am now drinking caffeine unexclusively in the forms of:

Black Coffee
Red Bull Energy Drink
Latte with extra shots of Espresso
Hot Tea
Iced Tea

I think part of why I'm writing this post is because I'm a little bit hyper off of some English Breakfast Tea I started drinking later than I probably should have this evening in attempts to work on my paper that is due on Friday Night about Jimmy Corrigan. I've written a page so far, so only 4 to go, and if I do say so myself it is really good stuff. I'm quite proud. I'm probably gonna stay up working on it until I collapse from exhaustion and then wake up and go to my 9:30 am class.

I really love finals week.

Sidenote: All concerned friends/family/random strangers who are reading this post and are concerned for my health, don't worry, I've looked up all the symptoms for too much caffeine intake, and I'm going to make sure I don't over due it. I promise not to die from too much caffeine. The finals may kill me, but I promise it won't be the coffee. (joking....laugh now)

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  1. good luck take it easy on the red bull, caffeine is ok. Love Dad