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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Pursuit of Trivial Greatness

I've never really thought about it before, but these blog posts are sort of mundane. I mean, they would be much more interesting if I had gorgeous locales to show you and tales of my fabulously exciting exploits, but I'm sort of a homebody who given the opportunity to do anything would want to just sit and write. Doesn't really make for fascinating reading for you guys.

Oh well.

Today it finally stopped raining, but it was still really cold, so most of our day was spent inside. We did take a nice walk around the golf course this morning back over to the beach. I didn't bring my camera, but we did walk past one of my favorite places, which is this small secluded harbor right before you reach the beach. I took a picture of it yesterday but forgot to put it in a post, so here's a picture from yesterday of somewhere I walked by today also.

I'm really just one of those people who likes boats. A lot.

So basically the rest of the day was spent inside because it was cold and windy. Which was totally fine with us, because we are probably the most boring people on the planet anyway. We finished a 500 piece puzzle of Big Ben and Parliament and then played Trivial Pursuit.

And when I say we played Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit, I mean it was an all-out knock-down drag-out war that lasted for almost three hours involving grueling combat. Did you know that Furbish actually counts as a language? Neither did I. And did you know that Green Bay Packer's fans wear foam cheese wedges on their heads? Alexa didn't, despite various clues. But in the end, Monica won. Because somehow she managed to guess correctly that Lucy Liu knew how to play the accordion.

After the battle royale of board games, we went to dinner at one of our favorite places to eat on the island, Rustico. Delicious italian food. Here are Alexa and I with our desserts at the end of the night. Tiramisu, one of my absolute favorites.

We are gluttons.

Tomorrow is going to be hopefully more exciting, but if not, look forward to more anecdotes about watching Big Bang Theory. Not necessarily a bad thing....

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  1. Big Bang Theory for the WIN!
    Currently working on season 3!