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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tea Time!

We woke up this morning and it was still raining, but it had slowed down to a drizzle and it was sunny. Typical Bermuda weather is sun with 2 minute showers, so this is what we were expecting anyway, just longer showers. Alexa, Mom, Dad and I went on an early morning trip to the gym (10:30 am early that is) while Monica slept in late. I want it on the record that I did 15 minutes of cardio and sit-ups and weight lifting, so it doesn't appear piggish when I tell you what I ate later. I mean it's my vacation.

After the gym we went into Hamilton, which is the biggest city here on the island, and we walked around Front Street for a while and window shopped. Well I should say we whisked from store to store because it was gale-force winds, and already only 50 degrees fahrenheit. And I made the stupid mistake of wearing a dress because everyone here looks nice all the time, so I had the added challenge of making sure my skirt didn't fly up while my legs were going partially numb.

But this was all worth it. Because going into Hamilton means having High Tea at the Princess Hotel, and it is possibly my favorite activity while we are here in Bermuda.

Bermuda is by definition a British Colony, so high tea is served the English way, or what I like to call, the correct way. There were a two different options for tea, seasonal and specialty rum tea. Naturally, Mom, Dad and Alexa had the seasonal and Monica and I had the rum so that we could all share and try everything. Here's the a family picture.

This was Dad's first official Afternoon Tea outing, and I have to say, he was on very good behavior. He didn't slurp his tea, or do anything inappropriate, unlike some people *cough* Mom *cough* who couldn't even wait for the waiter to bring out the tea before she had to eat a raw sugar cube. Despicable behavior.

But anyways, THE FOOD. We had more or less a feast. Here's a close up of the Rum Tea Tier.

And here is my sandwich plate. The sandwiches look small, but when you eat so many of them, they are actually quite filling. And SUPER delicious. Clockwise from the top. Oriental Duck and Vegetable Wrap, Smoked Salmon and Rum Spiked Cream Cheese, Hamilton Shrimp and Lobster Po' Boy and Shrimp Cocktail Croissant.

The smoked salmon was divine, and the wrap was also delicious. The shrimp was gigantic, and very favorable.

Here is a shot of the seasonal tea. Highlights include a Beef Wellington sandwich with Horseradish sauce and Balsamic Tomato and Basil Bruschetta. Delicious.

Following the finger sandwiches, we had scones with clotted cream and jam that gave me London flashbacks. I was in heaven.

And as if tea could get any better after eating traditional English scones with clotted cream and jam, then there is the petite dessert dish. I had Rum Swizzle Cake, Chocolate Rum Balls, Key Lime and Mango Mousse, and Raspberry Cheesecake. And for the record, these are small.

As a finale to the extravaganza, they serve you sorbet in chocolate edible cups to cleanse your palette. Mine is Banana Rum Swizzle, a play on the national drink of Bermuda.

Time well spent if I do say so myself.

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  1. laughed so hard about your mom eating a sugar cube.