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Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and away from our house
My two sisters and I sat with Mother and spouse.
On vacation to Bermuda we five had all gone
And patiently awaited the forthcoming dawn.

The day had been spent with cooking and food
which put everyone in quite a good mood,
With Gale-Force winds gone and the sun shining bright
Pictures were taken with lots of delight.

Then an afternoon spent relaxing and playing games,
After which all of my snobbish claims
of Scrabble playing superiority were clearly refuted
By the 50 point lead my father had, undisputed.

Dinner consisted of potatoes and meat,
Grilled steak made by father is always a treat.
This was quite a change from our normal Chinese,
But it's hard to argue with this cool island breeze.

And my favorite tradition could not be forgot,
Watching "A Christmas Story" for 24 hours non-stop.
The TBS marathon goes from Eight until Eight
For which the entire year I anxiously await.

It's hard to feel festive when so far from home
Especially when my family is more prone to Shalom.
But it's little things like watching this movie each year
That remind that even I have a bit of Christmas cheer.

So tonight, instead of a normal blog post,
I thought I'd reflect on what matters most.
And think of the people whom tomorrow I won't see
and tell them I'm missing them most tenderly.

And so if you're reading this far down the screen,
I hope your day tomorrow is keen.
Spent with family and friends whom you love and adore,
With laughs and smiles, and everything more.

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