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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Blog Post About Jersey Shore

Recently, I was sent a comment by a blog follower who shall remain unnamed (You know who you are), and they mentioned to me that since I've returned to the United States, my blog posts have not been as entertaining as they were in the United Kingdom. I would like to acknowledge this complaint, and address it formally.

1. I completely agree with this statement.
2. I'm living in Powell right now
3. Clearly there is a direct relationship between how entertaining my blog post is and how entertaining my location is.
4. For all those who find this to be unacceptable, I will accept monetary donations to send me to a more exciting place.
5. Until I find a more exciting place to blog about, I'm going to blog about Jersey Shore.

For all of you who live under a rock, or have a life, and don't know what the Jersey Shore is, I'll give you a quick summary. The easiest way to explain Jersey Shore is to just tell you what I told my dad when he came into his office, saw me watching it and got really really confused.

Dad: "What are you watching?"
Jaclyn: "This is Jersey Shore. It's the trashiest show on television. These are my favorite morons on the planet."

And for those of you who know me (and know all of the morons that I know) you'll understand how much of a qualifier that is.

Except seriously, I love Jersey Shore. It might just be because I am addicted to really bad TV, but I have to watch it. I'm consumed in it. I even have a Jersey Shore nickname. It's J-Scream.

You're Welcome.

So here's a summary of tonight's episode: The cast of Jersey Shore did crazy wacko shit while they were dodging grenades and GTL and they spoke in code and it was really entertaining. But more specifically, Ronnie has been cheating on Sammi, and then at the club they broke up and Ronnie got super wasted and made an ass of himself (Go Figure-Team Sammi all the way!). Snooki and her Gorilla BF Emilio broke up and she was dissing on men (which was awesome, because she was totally right).

Then a Justin Bieber VMA commercial came on and I felt sick to my stomach. Also, I watched that Yahoo commercial with the guy who like is goofy and lip-syncs to the one song with flashing lights and by the 6th time it was not as funny anymore.

Then Snooki and JWoww wrote an anonymous letter to Sammi about all the crap Ronnie has been doing behind her back. I'm sure that this will stay an absolute secret until the grave. I mean, how on earth could she possibly find out?

I guess we'll have to wait until next week to watch Sammi not know who wrote that letter....

I LOVE JERSEY SHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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