"The Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results" - Albert Einstein

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I tried to walk up the hill,
But that seemed like quite a trek.
Instead, I walked through
Columns of white
At Queen Anne's
Because the ants were marching
In the tens of thousands.

Their cameras snapping,
I'm a bit torn up.
I take some pictures of my own,
But only to recall the memories.
When I was in the 4th grade
I scored in the 99th percentile in
Memory tests, but I'm still afraid
I'll forget.

Down the open corridor
A study in perspective.
Through the gaps I can see
Time. Ticking. Away.
A man-made construction.

As I pass by the VE Day
Memorial flower bed
I notice a single rose.
'How Sad' I think
To be all alone.

I turn around
And see two more
I guess there goes
That metaphor.

Across to Park
I find identical houses.
Decals on the windows.
Also, I am Jacques the Melancholy.

Why add the details if you make them all the same?

Giant Anchors.
As useless as the Royal Family.
No offense.

An older couple watches me
From their elevated porch.
I must admit I'm envious.
Flags of England.

White Noise as I
Cross the street.
Trafalgar Pub.
I remind myself
It's not yet four, and
It would be inappropriate
to partake just yet.

At long last,
An alley way!
Garbage and metal medals
For keeping tabs
Strewn across the cobblestones.

I've found a hospital
But lucking, I'm not ill.
I don't think it's functioning anyway.
I'm reminded that it's 3:24.
I can't escape the time.

I can smell the salty air
And hear the crashing waves.
Women love water,
And I am no exception.

Gnats hover over the green
And begin to circle my feet.
Now I'm part of the stone.

Golden sunglasses and cream colored pants.
How very European.
"That's a nice Mogen David you have there. Where did you get it?"
I smile, Explain.
I lied.

A young girl throws a pebble in the water.
"Make a wish"

The wind blows my hair back.
Whenever this happens, I think
Of Vianne Rocher and Cat Stevens.
I'm glad.

Spoken words in a grocery store.
"You're like a Sri Lankan body
Washed up on the shore"

I think I'd like a baguette and some cheese.

"These remind me of the cakes
We used to eat in secondary school

I don't.
But I understand.
I'm always reminiscing.

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