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Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm writing this entry while I pack and listen to sad music on my computer. I guess I can't really call it sad music definitively, but I'm kinda sad while I listen to it, so it's coming out pretty sad.

Also, it's a playlist of mostly soft acoustic guitar featuring Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine and Simon & Garfunkel. So it's a totally legit playlist nonetheless.

So for my last day in London that won't be consumed by travel, I decided to go to Westminster Abbey, and officially checked off the very last I had left to do on my Top 25 list. And it was really awesome.
They don't allow cameras inside the Abbey, but here are some sweet shots from the outside. I about died when I went inside though because I got to see the tombs of Elizabeth I and the Poet's Corner, which includes the monument to Shakespeare, Tennyson, Austen, Dickens and like 30 other amazing writers. I wonder if you die in Westminster Abbey if you can just be buried there. What do you think it takes for me to get a spot next to Lewis Carroll?

Probably a lot.

The two lovers. I really like this picture. The sky is pretty wonderful. As is Big Ben.

I'm not really sure how I'm reacting to packing up all of my stuff right now. I'm obviously excited to be going home, because I miss everyone more than I can handle, but I'm so sad to leave. I can't believe I'm gonna have to go back to a world without decent scones and a lack of convenient public transportation. Granted, I'm also gonna sleep in my own bed tomorrow night, complete with air conditioning and my snot won't have black flecks from the air anymore.

Also, I feel like I should address a pressing concern from man of my readers. "What shall become of the blog now that you are coming home? How will you continue to Mind the Gap in America? How will I get my daily fix of witty insights?"

To all of you I say: "WHOA, slow down fans, that's way too many questions at once. Let me clarify for all of you. I'm considering keeping the blog for a while. I've really enjoyed writing it while I've been here, and since I've gotten so many rave reviews from people who read it (in my immediate family) I figure I might as well continue on until it becomes unfun to write. And don't worry, Mind the Gap is supposed to be a double entendre anyway, so I'm sure I'll find interesting ways minding the gappage at home. So even though I won't be in London anymore, please keep reading, because blogs are only fun if you have a following of people on the internet who adore you. This goes for EVERYONE who reads the blog. Even the people who might feel a little creepy about it, but thats totally fine with me."

So there you have it. 6 weeks in London. I'm sure I'll write a reflection piece as soon as I get home and get over the 5 hour time difference. So I guess until then I'll just say Cheerio Loves!

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