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Monday, August 23, 2010

Jaclyn Goes to Dayton

Today was a day for random things. And apparently not so random blog titles. I feel like all of my recent blog titles have been decidedly not vague and/or interpretive. I can't explain this phenomenon with any sort of scientific evidence, nor am I making any apologies for it. I'm just acknowledging.

Anyways, today was pretty random. For starters, I drove down to the University of Dayton campus to visit my delightful best friend Caitlin. We've known each other since the 1st grade. It's a pretty legendary friendship. Just Saying.

It's about an hour and a half drive down. So, that's about 3 hours of collective driving time. Naturally, I brought 10 cd's with me. Just in case.

For Posterity, I started out with the Almost Famous Soundtrack, followed by Dan in Real Life and then on the ride home I listened to (500) Days of Summer and the "Illinoise" by Sufjan Stevens. If I had thought this through better I would have brought one more movie soundtrack with me so it would be a complete saga, but I'm not that foresightful.

So I drove down to Dayton, met up with Caitlin and then we met some friends of her that work in Liberty Hall. Random thing #1: I met this lady who told me about how her kids raise pigs and goats for the state fair, and no lie, we talked for at least 20 minutes about how you raise and show pigs, and then they go on their death march, and they get carted away, and then killed and hung upside down by their heads. It was pretty intense.

Then Caitlin and I went up to the cemetery where Orville and Wilbur Wright are buried, which was sweet. And Random Thing #2: Paul Laurence Dunbar is buried there too!!! He's an African American poet and we just read him in the Am Lit class I took spring quarter, which is random and awesome.

And while we were in the cemetery, this totally nice guy on a golf cart offered us a ride to the lookout point so we could see the city skyline, and then kind of took us on a tour of the entire cemetery, which included lots of people I had never heard of, and he showed us this grave of a young boy with his dog, and people leave toys there because he was deprived of a childhood, and I left him a purple silly band sailboat, and all of this WAS TOTALLY RANDOM.

Then I met Catilin's friend Father Chris, and we talked with him for a while. I told him I was a Pop Culture Minor and explained to him the meaning behind Edward/Jacob and explained who Justin Bieber is. Maybe one of the most proud and totally random moments of my life. I wasn't kidding when I said today was totally random.

Oh, I almost forgot, the most random part of my day: Flat tire on my parked car. Apparently from a screw that was sent from the transportation curse that haunts me. So right as I was about to drive back to Columbus, I had to then proceed to call about 50 different people and get a guy to come out and change my tire and do this all while having basically no idea where I am and knowing nothing in the area and not have a panic attack. Thank God Caitlin was there, because she basically solved all the problems for me.

So, eventually a really nice guy from the road side assistance company drove out to put my spare tire on, and everything would have worked out fine, if the spare I had had in my car hadn't had its own nail in it. Which I can't even adequately explain. But in a nutshell, my spare tire was flat also, and had I attempted to drive on it back to Columbus I would have died. So that rules.

So he went ahead and put on the spare because it was less flat than the very flat flat tire that was on the car already, and then Caitlin and I drove to Sunoco at a cruising rate of 15 mph despite the various speed limits in order to put some air in the not as flat flat tire so that we could then drive to the tire repair place so that I could buy a new tire so that I could drive the hour and a half back to Columbus without dying. Which was awesome.

But long story short, I made it back, a mere 5 hours later, and alive too, which is always a bonus. And I didn't even have a panic attack! I should be congratulated. And probably hugged.

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