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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Who's Ideas Actually Fill This Blog?

So I finally bit the bullet and went and saw Inception.

I should clarify, I did this because it was free. My sister works at the Rave, and recently I've been seeing all of my movies for free because it is actually legal for her to bring me along. Which is awesome, and surprisingly enough completely legal. And since I had no reason to not go see it other than to pay for it, I figured I might as well exploit my sister's workplace while I have the option. (On a separate note, I really really want to see Step Up 3 in 3D, and I can promise a free movie ticket to see it to anyone who will go with me. I know that no one on earth wants to see this movie but me, but it has the Other Asian in it! Someone please help me make this dream come true)

Which is a nice segway into dreams, which is a nice segway back into Inception. (Unfortunately I have a knack for getting off-topic and/or rambling in these blog posts and in my subconscious, just something to be aware of in case anyone ever wanted to break into my mind).


1. I went into this movie knowing very little about it. This is a good thing for me, because I tend to guess things too early as an audience member when I know things upfront, which is bad. I also went into this movie with a half a box of Milk Duds, Mike & Ikes, Sour Patch Kids and 2 Cowtails. I have no idea why I did this.

2. This movie totally exceeded my expectations for what it was gonna be. I don't know why I thought it was just going to be a Grade A summer blockbuster, but I think a lot of stupid things without any sort of basis in fact. I was not only entertained for the full 2.5+ hours of viewing time, but I was absolutely absorbed into the experience. And that is harder to do than you'd think.

3. The most genius thing about this movie is the editing. Yes, the idea of it is awesome, but if it weren't for the editing of the film, I guarantee this movie would suck. The story line is based in this idea of how do you get to where you are when you are in a dream, which is a novel concept because no one really knows that, but because the dreamer (and the audience) is being asked to question that, it suddenly becomes important to watch every cut between shots, because the relationship of dreamer and dream to placement is essentially the same as audience and film to placement. We as an audience, when watching a film, move through time and space via cuts from shot to shot, and we don't actually question how this is happening because it is a movie, but Inception forces us to question this relationship because it is the entire point of the film. Which is why is was interesting and challenging to follow the real world vs. the dream world, and why it was impossible determine exactly which world you (the audience) was in, and why this movie totally blew my mind.

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot. So very very hot. The scene where he was fighting the guy sans gravity? I practically drooled all over myself. Also, I have yet to see a movie with Ellen Page in it where she doesn't totally and completely rock. If you are reading this, please go see Whip It.

5. The only thing I have to say that lost me a little bit was this 4th level of dream world in the final act. Not because it didn't make logistical sense, but because really? A fourth level? Granted, if this is the only time my suspension of disbelief kicked in over the course of the entire film, that's not too bad comparatively.

Obviously, I have a lot more thoughts on Inception, but for now I have to go to sleep. Granted, after I go to bed tonight there's no guarantee they are solely my thoughts, but I'll do my best to keep my subconscious on guard.

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