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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday in the Park with George

*Note, I wrote this entry in journal form, and now I'm recopying it in typeface with some additions. This probably won't affect your reading of it, and you probably wouldn't have known other wise, but it's worth mentioning.*

I'm writing this entry from St. James's Park. It is stop number three on my fabulous London day. Stops #'s 1 and 2 involve Spitalfields Market by Brick Ln. and Sitting outside Westminster Abbey listening to the bells. I bought myself some soft serve ice cream (with a Flake! Splurge) and went to sit and listen to the bandstand for a while. They played La Vie En Rose. And I smiled to myself. I sat for a while in the green and white striped chairs, ate my ice cream and just listened.

It was delightful, sunny, relaxed and the music was lovely. Unfortunately I didn't realize you have to pay to sit in the striped chairs, so someone came and asked me to pay and so then I left. I'm across from a pond now, with a fountain and a lovely view of Whitehall. I can still hear the band in the distance. I can even see the top of the London Eye over some trees to my left. I couldn't write a more picturesque moment if I wanted to.

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