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Monday, August 9, 2010

Composed of Cupcakes and Creativity

I was prohibited from blogging over the past 24 hours because I had to finish my paper. But lucky for you (and me) I finally finished it last night (at 4 am) and turned it in this morning (after less than 3 hours of sleep). So that means I get to blog for you now!!!

Yesterday was basically dedicated to the paper writing and studying of Samuel Beckett (who rules btw). But as incentive to write my paper, Alison and I had the excellent idea to wake up early in the morning (and by early I mean we left at 9:30) and eat cupcakes so that we would be excited to write our papers, and then bring cupcakes home with us so that we would have even more incentive to write our papers. Wasn't that a good idea?

Stop #4: Candy Cakes in Seven Dials

The interior for this store was like visual bubble gum. Very pink. And pastel colored. And there were lots of frogs everywhere. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it...

However, I do know how I felt about my lemon cupcake. Pretty good, icing was particularly good because it wasn't too sweet, but the cake wasn't very fresh, which is an indication it was from the day before, which is sad. My latte was delicious though, possibly because I was desperate for caffeine, but that's a technicality.

So honestly, not my vote for a great cupcake stop, although I will say Alison had a Toffee & Banana cupcake that she said was really good, so perhaps I just picked wrong. Despair not though, because the cupcake sentiments were totally saved by.....

Stop #5: Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden

Because we had just eaten cupcakes (less than an hour ago) we decided to get these cupcakes for take away and use them as paper writing incentive. Which actually worked surprisingly well.
I'm clearly not excited to have these at all. Clockwise from top left we have Mocha, White Chocolate Raspberry, Coffee Walnut and Coconut Lime. And they were so delicious. Possibly because they were rewards for hours of paper writing, but again, that is a technicality. I'm pretty sure they are the only reason I finished my paper actually. And their deliciousness is probably the only reason it was a semi-decent paper. Well, that and its hard to not make Samuel Beckett awesome.

So this week is Creative Writing as a final wrap up for the trip. This morning we all composed poems about famous London landmarks, as if to be from the perspective of the landmark. I've copied my piece below for you if you want to read it. Disclaimer, I put my heart and soul into this piece over the 45 minutes that I wrote it, so if you don't like it or you think it sucks, I would like you to lie to my face and tell me you think it rules.

Bonus points if you can actually guess what my landmark is.

"Stepped On"

The throngs of people pour out from below.
My silent morning disturbed.

He was in my dreams again, as he is every night.
I know he does not think of me, oh but how I envy him.
He looks majestic today, but I am not the only one to notice.
Hardly a minute goes by that he's not admired,
Where as I, am merely his slave.

They love him as I love him, but alas, he loves another.
I can see why he loves her instead, with her blue eyes always shining in the night sky.
They couldn't be together if it weren't for me,
But I suppose one pays that price.
She loves him too, and she has a fair number of suitors of her own.
They are a perfect match.

I wish that I were loved and adored, so very few even care.
The ones that use my for their own gain never stop or marvel.
A young girl in a Union Jack Sweatshirt,
A man with a tripod and hat.
They see past me to my love or his wife, but I'm ignored completely.

Yet every once in a while someone knows,
and comes to sit and ponder.
They know me, see me, love me, read me,
At last, my heart lies still.

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