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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love Letter To Lauren Skunta

Last night I had a slumber party with my good friend Lauren Skunta. We watched "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on Comedy Central for 2 hours and it was probably one of the best two hours I've had in the past 48 hours. Then we woke up this morning and visited a friend of ours who works at Sloopy's Diner and ate breakfast. The service was exquisite, but I am a little disappointed because the oatmeal I ordered was pre-sweetened.

Explain to me why you would put pre-sweetened oatmeal on the menu without clarifying it as such and then have the audacity to say it comes with a side of brown sugar. If the oatmeal comes with a side of brown sugar, I'm going to naturally assume that it is not pre-sweetened, hence the need for the brown sugar. Because obviously if it was pre-sweetened it wouldn't need to come with a side of brown sugar.

Also, the Diner was cold. I recommended to them in a comment card that the air temperature should be adjusted from 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit to a more comfortable 72. Granted it is highly unlikely that they will take that suggestion, so I recommend to all of you who go there to bring with you a light jacket.

Then Lauren and I went swimming in our private pool that belongs to my neighbors who are never home during the day. Don't worry, they told us it was ok.

Lauren Skunta is a saint and I'm so glad she is here with me today while I write this. I'm also really glad she is my friend and is going to bake delicious baked goods with me tonight.

We'll probably watch Glee and Gossip Girl reruns too. It's gonna be one of those nights.

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