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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time is Ticking Away

Day 40 in England:

It occurred to me I could have done this blog by counting the days, which would have been really cool so I'm gonna do it for this entry. Better late than never right?

We visited St. Paul's Cathedral yesterday and I immediately tried to find the bird lady. I'm so upset she wasn't there. Must have been her day off.

Christopher Wren's masterpiece. It's so gorgeous on the inside too, but unfortunately photography is prohibited.

The best part of the day was climbing up to the top of the dome and getting to overlook the city.

Tower Bridge from the top of St. Paul's

South of the Thames, with the London eye in the distance.

Here we see Duncan and Laura on the way down the stairs. Shout out to Duncan, who actually reads my blog!! Which is awesome, and he is awesome as well. Also, Shout out to Laura, who reads my blog and who I think is awesome. And she likes Time Travel, which is sweet, because I really like Time Travel too. And post-apocalyptic scenarios that are caused by humans, but that is unrelated to this specific entry. Another time maybe.

It seems like I just got here yesterday. How has 6 weeks flown by so fast? I mean, I knew it would go quickly, but this is ridiculous.

Also, I went to go see Othello on Tuesday night in Highgate. This was a beautiful outdoor theatre and we had picnic seats so the acting was right in front of us.

I want you all to experience this in the same way I did, so follow these steps:
1. Put on a nice outfit. Nice shoes, a skirt or a dress, preferably in a cotton-esque fabric.
2. Now go get in the shower and emerge completely soaking wet.
3. Now go sit outside in the rain and the freezing cold winds on a wet blanket dressed in your nicest clothes.
4. Now get eaten up by mosquitoes.
5. Enjoy Othello

So yea, it was kind of a bummer because we had really wanted to see this show, but the rain kind of (majorly) screwed that up for us. But we watched the first half and I'm pretty sure I only caught a small trace of pneumonia.

Today I walked around Hyde Park and just absorbed how much I'm totally gonna miss this city.

The Serpentine in Hyde Park.

A sweet fountain.

I wish everyone I loved was here. Because then I wouldn't have to leave.

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