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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where We Are Going We NEED Roads.

Well, it's safe to say that I've got the "Makes Transportation Malfunction" Curse. We can officially add it to my impressive resume of Curses, which include "Will Cause Laptops or anything Electronic to Break within a 10 foot Radius" and "Imperio." (Side note: My apologies to Alison for talking to her about my 10 foot curse and then causing her laptop's internet connection to fail in succession. My Bad.)

Anyway, Alison and I went into Bloomsbury to the London Review Bookshop to get some tea and pretend like we were real Londoners. This worked fairly well, although our accents didn't help much. Then, we were coming back to Greenwich around 4 via Tube and DLR.

Now in case you don't live in London/haven't been to London/just don't know, the DLR is the worst. It is an above ground train that is not at all sweet and awesome like the Tube is. I already dislike it because it is slow and adds an extra 30 mins to any time frame for getting anywhere. But today was an even more special day, because as soon as Alison and I got on the train and it left for Bank, the DLR decided to either break/catch on fire/have equipment failure somewhere in front of Crossharbour. So, Alison and I got stranded in Crossharbour, which is 4 stops earlier than where we wanted to get off.

This sucked, but from there we just figured, that we would get off there, take a bus into Greenwich and everything would be fine. This seemed like a good plan, until buses weren't running into Greenwich and wouldn't be for a while. Excellent.

So from there we walked the mile+ from Crossharbour to Island Gardens (which I should add was only possible because the town of Mudchute has the absolutely most helpful and understandable street signs of any place I've had to walk around. Kudos Mudchute). This walk took about 20ish minutes and was fine, except that Greenwich is across the river, so we were gonna have to get to the foot tunnel underneath the Thames (which is sketch as hell, but desperate times I guess).

So this seemed like a good plan except that the foot tunnel was closed for absolutely God knows what reason. So THEN we had to walk another 20 minutes to take the clipper across the river, which cost 3 pounds each, and then walk from the furthest point on the Thames through Greenwich into Deptford and we were 25 minutes late for the dinner we left with 2 hours spare time to get to.

I'm gonna start assuming that I will cause all transportation to malfunction upon even the mere thought of using it. This is really a note for anyone who wants to travel with me ever again. You have been warned.

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